CDCC Christian Counseling
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We are committed to the healing of persons and relationships through the ministry of professionally trained therapists and pastors. It is our belief and experience that skilled therapeutic interventions are empowered by God’s healing love to bring about effective and long-term transformations in people’s lives. Personal, relational, psychological and spiritual needs are best met through prayer, supportive Christian compassion and experienced professional counseling in a safe and confidential environment for individuals, couples and families.

CDCC Christian Counseling Services are provided by licensed therapists and pastoral counselors.  Professional consultations are available with referrals to Christian therapists throughout the community.  Pastoral counseling is provided by pastors trained and experienced in counseling.  Fees and insurance coverage vary and are determined by each individual counselor according to their practice.  

Why Christian Counseling?
When we are struggling with life, we often look to professionals for help. When those professionals trained in psychological counseling also share our faith in God and commitment to Biblical teachings, there is a common ground established for mutual understanding and insight. Christian counselors who share our trust and reliance on God for wisdom, direction, healing and the power to make positive changes help us by directing us back to our "Highest Power". We can build a therapeutic relationship because we trust in their ability to be used by God to discern the truth of difficult situations, guide our personal insights and choices, and serve as our mediators in relational conflict.

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Cheryl Wayman, LMFT:
(805) 568—3838 ext. 229,

Counseling staff:

Cheryl Wayman, LMFT, is a graduate of Greenville College and earned her master's degree in counseling at Azusa Pacific University and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist with the following specialties: communication and relationship skills, premarital and couples' counseling, parenting skills and support groups, conflict resolution and family issues, peer counseling training, women's issues and life transitions, aging and caregiving concerns, and marriage and family enrichment.