It’s a forum for spiritual formation at FMC. The Foundry melds Sunday worship, spiritual disciplines and twice-monthly home groups - all aimed at fostering an authentic and deliberate walk with Christ and each other.


Simply put, we want to create a micro community within FMC to encourage discipleship and life together, which will in turn inform how we engage with the world outside the church. Through smaller intimate worship services, home group gatherings to talk through our faith and our lives, and encouraging one another in spiritual disciplines, we’ll all move closer to understanding “how do I live this Christian life?” 

So, what are the key elements?

Sunday worship: We’ve created our own intimate Sunday worship experience for two Sundays a month. We’ll sing, read, practice and encourage one another in spiritual disciplines, pray for one another, and share from scripture. 

Twice monthly home groups: We gather in small groups of roughly ten people to discuss what we are reading, and to pray, eat, talk, and be cared for in a small group format. We also consider together how we can best translate all we are learning into our engagement with neighbor and the wider world.

Multi-generational: We want The Foundry to be as diverse as possible. FMC provides childcare and child education as needed.

For How long do people commit to the foundry?

Recognizing that spiritual formation does not happen in a weekend, we are seeking a commitment for 11 months. The cohort will commence meeting the first week of February 2017 and will continue until Christmas 2017.

February 2017 is 'open enrollment' - do come along and try it and if you like it, please commit to the rest of the year, and if not, then no embarrassment about bowing out.

Can I join the foundry?

Absolutely! Enrollment is open until the end of January 2017.

For further information, please contact Jim Wright:
jwright@westmont.edu 805-618-1468.