We welcome every person who comes into our lives or through our sanctuary doors. We believe every person is brought to us by God and is on their own spiritual journey. As each person seeks, they find that Jesus is answer to the longing of their souls.

We are a congregation of loving people for whom service is an expression of that love. There are many opportunities to serve, both within the church and in the larger community. We work with every person to discover their own meaningful place in the congregation and in the larger Christian community.

In worship, some may come into our church, see all the different musicians, readers, worship leaders and think our team is complete. Not true! We are always looking for more people to join the worship leadership team. There are openings for instrumentalists, vocalists, readers, ushers, decorators, communion preparers, actors/actresses and more.

If God has given you a gift or talent to share through music, reading, drama, or another area of worship, talk with Pastor Doug to explore the opportunities for you to use your gifts in worship.

Pastor Doug Ranck
805-965-1338, ext. 224