The Westside Initiative is a movement of the Free Methodist Church. 

The Westside, less than 2 miles from the FMCSB church campus, is the most densely populated neighborhood in Santa Barbara whose residents are 70% Hispanic, 25% of whom are considered the working poor with only two health and human service organizations in the entire neighborhood. As a Missional Community, the Westside Initiative functions as an extended family on mission together bringing the kingdom of God in all its fullness to and with the Westside. In the belief that God's Kingdom transcends ethnic  and socioeconomic barriers, the initiative brings together people from many backgrounds. Meeting both formally and informally together in the neighborhood, this group aims to seek God's peace, Shalom, on the Westside, an area often overlooked by our larger city.  

The group began in 2013 through simple soccer games and meal-sharing picnics at a centrally located park. These gatherings have led into a full-fledged community. Community events now include informal times of play and celebration as well as time committed to growing in the faith through Scripture reading, teaching, and prayer. 

In everything, the initiative seeks to fight for God's justice, equality, and love for our neighbors. 

Feel free to contact Pastors Ruth Loomer or Rich Sander with questions, and, if you are interested in joining the community, meet them Sunday afternoons at Bohnett Park at 3:30.

Rev. Ruth Loomer, Associate Pastor of the Westside Initiative:

Rich Sander, Assistant Pastor of the Westside Initiative: 805-965-1338 ext. 232