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PARENT SEMINAR "Against the Grain: Parenting in the Age of Digital Cool" Presented by Dr. Felicia Song. Go here to get the audio and the PDF notes

Our mission: "To love, know and follow Jesus."

We love children! Our mission is to lead children into a personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior, help them grow and develop in their faith, and give them opportunities to serve.
We want to present the Word of God to children of all ages in such a way that worshiping our Lord will be an exciting adventure. These early experiences challenge children to open their hearts and accept Christ at a formative age, so that they will continue to grow in their Christian walk throughout their lives.

Toddler/Infant Care: 
Provided during all worship services. Infant nursery located east of the sanctuary on the top deck with audio of the service available. Toddler care provided downstairs.

FM KIDS Sunday:
Held from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., August 27th through June for children 3 years old through 5th grade. On Sundays children will meet their teachers in downstairs classrooms. Ushers and greeters upstairs in the sanctuary will be able to direct you to your grade-specific teacher. Any pastor, especially our Associate Pastor of Youth, Children and Families, Doug, will be happy to welcome and direct you as well. 

See map of FM Kids' classrooms here.

All Family Services:
In our 8:00 and 11:00 services, children may use supplies in the Kid Cart to be creative during church. You are welcome to explore what is offered in the cart (outside the sanctuary at the front of the church) and take it into church with you!

Why all family services?
Including children in the entire service will allow adults to be an example to them in the discipline of worship and allow children to teach us what it means to receive the kingdom of God. If children find it difficult to sit quietly during the sermon and adult may accompany them to work on their activities outside. Benches are provided on the deck where the sermon can be heard through speakers.

We want to facilitate your growth as a family.

Sometimes this means an evening for just mom and dad. We regularly host Parents' Night Out evenings. These are $5 per child with dinner provided and superb childcare! 

We also put on Parent Workshops focusing on different topics. Childcare for workshops is free. 
Seasonal parties and occasional events like our Easter Egg Hunt or Family Fun Times serve to be fun, relaxed times of family engagement.

For more information, call (805-965-1338 ext. 224) or e-mail Pastor Doug Ranck: