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Singles Survey: We Want to Hear From You

One of our strategic priorities this year is to better care for the different types of "singles" in our congregation ranging from widows, divorcees, to never married young adults. Often times, we can think of single's ministry as just about a means to getting married, especially for younger folks. Although this is not necessarily bad, this is not the point of this strategic priority.  We know that "singles" come in all shapes and sizes and with widely varying desires and needs. Our goal is not to start more programs, rather it is to understand better the needs that exist for the different groups in this population. Having done that we hope to find ways to equip, resource, and connect you. Our main desire through this priority (and even this survey) is to make sure you know that we see you and we care about you, you are not invisible to us, and we want to hear from you.  

If you are single--we are broadly defining "single" we are not just thinking of young people--would you give us five minutes of your time and fill out this survey by May 19? Note that this survey is anonymous which we hope encourages transparency. 

Thank you for helping us better asses the desires and needs of all types of singles in our congregation!