Statements on Kingdom Issues

Statement on Forced Separation of Families

June 17, 2018

All of us have seen the news stories this week about families being separated while being held in immigration detention centers. As Free Methodist Christians, we are committed to understand the complexity of these situations while working toward solutions which seek to serve the foreigner among us while they are here and to act redemptively with love, rather than fear and oppression.

It has been painful to read of situations where children are literally taken from parents when they leave the room. Not only does this not show care, this particular action strikes at the heart of families, both parents and children, in a hugely vulnerable time. Families are the foundation of any society. In a fundamental way, this separation undermines Jesus’ words that we treat our neighbor as ourselves as we seek to hold the dignity and respect of those who are powerless in this situation.

We commit to pray for those involved, for the over 2000 children who must be traumatized and parents who wonder when they will be reunited. We ask God to be merciful and to grant our leaders great wisdom moving forward, to advocate and enact a more just immigration system.

Our statement on the worth of persons from the Book of Discipline can be found below. We stand with many other denominations and traditions throughout Christendom who have voiced heartbreak over this situation.

We have varying positions in this congregation on immigration and we respect that. However, this action of taking children from parents goes beyond that and we say it is not humane nor is it moral.


Free Methodist Affirmations :

Had our governments, national and state, been true to their own principles and given to every person their rights, without regard to race or complexion, what an untold amount of suffering would have been avoided! It is never safe to withhold from others their God given rights.

- B. T. Roberts (Founder of the Free Methodist Church)